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Debbie Simpson
My Story
As a born-again believer, I was brought up in the non-denominational, evangelical and non-charismatic beliefs that purported dispensational theological teaching. I cut my spiritual baby teeth on the belief in the doctrine of ceasationism (the belief that the giftings of the Holy Spirit had ceased, as did speaking in tongues or any supernatural work of the Spirit of God).

As believers, my congregations and I were obligated to profess belief in the supernatural move of God, but in reality we required physical evidence. Any one in the congregation who spoke in tongues, raised their hands while singing, or said “God told me” or “the Spirit led me” was immediately suspect, avoided, and warned against.

It was during these years that I became trained in and taught the inductive Bible study method and as God grew me into a more accurate understanding of the scriptures, I began to see discrepancies in what I’d been taught, what I believed, and what the Word of God said.

As an RN and mother of 5, I came face to face with oppression in all of its’ forms. Suddenly, my intellectual understanding of the scriptures turned into a hearts cry for victory -my own, those I loved, and those who came to me for help. In desperation, I decided to take the plunge: In prayer I said “Lord, my mind is a dry-erase board. I am going to erase everything I have ever learned about the supernatural aspect of Who You are. If I understand correctly, YOU re-write it on my mind. If I am wrong, keep it off”. From then on, I studied the scriptures regarding such words as “spiritual”, “revelation”, “mysteries”, “healing” (just to name a few). I then began to walk in what I now gave myself permission to believe. As the supernatural exploded in my life, I began to attain victory after victory. No one could dissuade me from my new found belief in the supernatural, miraculous work of God, because I could not deny my own testimony.

But the most amazing result of the journey: When I stepped out of my man-made theological box to join Jesus in His work (Jesus operates outside the box), I grew from knowing
about Him, to knowing Him. I grew from knowing the Word of God, to knowing the God of the Word.

Intimacy with Jesus IS the exceeding great reward, for He IS the treasure we seek, and if we seek Him where He is…...we find Him.